3 sure ways to protect your child against virus infections? You will be surprised with #3

After Singapore encountered its unprecedented cold spell with temperatures dipping to as low as 21oC three weeks ago, we are now back to our usual hot and humid weather. As we enter the Spring season when plants and animals recover from their winter hibernation, viruses too come alive and become highly active. Here are 3 sure tips to protect your child against virus infections.

#1 Hygiene & Cleanliness

Young kids tend to touch public tables or railings with their full palms and eagerly press lift buttons. These objects can be filled with human vapours (mucus, saliva), germs and even faecal  bacteria. Being in a crowded, yet poorly ventilated, lift to rush to tuition classes unconsciously also puts your child at high risk of being in contact with contagious viruses!

The No. 1 rule to counter this risk is to ensure that your child has a bottle of hand sanitiser in his/her bag and to use it regularly. Children can also wear face masks when in crowded enclosures.

#2 Boost Your Child’s Immune System

There can never be enough multi-vitamins and even vaccination to protect against air-borne viruses and bacteria. Influenza A, B and C viruses have many strains and they have “evolved” faster than ever! It is thus important and critical to enable your child’s natural immune system to protect against all kinds of viruses that they may come in contact with.

According to medical experts, no vaccination is as effective as our natural immune system to have the ability to “evolve” and be able to fight against seasonal viruses. Unlike traditional “probiotics” which have to go through a few stages of metabolism inside the body before displaying its efficacy, “probiotics metabolites” is a new generation of functional supplements that are clinically-proven to enable the human body to strengthen white blood cells directly to boost the immune system of users. Ensure that you give your child Probiotics metabolites, such as Nano Biogenie & Metabolites – first of its kind and produced in Japan – daily to not only increase his/ her resistance but also to accelerate recovery in the event of illnesses/ infections.

#3 Mummy’s Immune System Matters!

Medical experts have found that be it through breastfeeding and simply through talking, mummy’s close proximity to her child can either infect her child with viruses OR improve her child’s immune system if her own immune system is good. It is highly recommended that mummy take “probiotics” daily to allow 3 areas of friendly bacteria to achieve optimal level at all times i.e. mouth flora (oral), gut flora (intestinal) and cervical flora (vaginal).

Through constant close communication either through talking or physical contact of hands, face and body, mummy’s level of friendly bacteria plays an unprecedented role in her child’s immune system too. Nano Lacto VV & Probiotics is developed to not only help mums improve friendly bacteria levels and boost immune system, it is also effective against allergies and significantly helps to reduce influenza risks. Ensure that mummy takes at least 5 billion CFU of probiotics, such as Nano Lacto VV & Probiotics daily to promote your own immune system and well-being for your sake and for your child’s sake too!