RMSS ‘Make Math Simpler’ Video 4: Solving More Complex Problems With The Notes Method

Last month, we looked at solving comparison Math questions with the RMSS’ Notes Method.

Today, on our 4th episode of Raymond Math and Science Studio’s “Make Math Simpler” video series, RMSS tutor Victor Chew will show you how to solve even more advanced problems with the Notes Method.

RMSS’ Notes Method is flexible and can be applied to a wide range of Math ratio questions. The beauty of this method is that students don’t need to worry and waste precious time pondering over which method to use to solve a complex comparison question.

Instead of fretting over whether to use the model or ratio method, they can simply focus on mastering the Notes Method and applying it to the questions.

When it comes to taking a Math examination, every minute counts. Once students have sufficient practice with the Notes Method, they will experience greater ease and confidence in tackling such comparison questions, and say goodbye to common Math-related anxieties.

Watch the video now and “Make Math Simpler” for your child.

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