Sembawang Phase 2A Projections


I almost forgot to update the tables today 🙂

In any case, today we look at schools in Sembawang, and we have good news!

  • We added the application rates for Phase 2A(1) + Phase 2A(2) simulating Phase 2A.
    This is the number of people that applied for the phases.
  • We subtract 20 places from Phase 2A.
  • We then divided the application rate by the resulting number of places.
    ie. intensity = application rate/number of places
  • We repeated the same process for the last 5 years.
  • Finally, we sort the results according to the school with the highest application rate in 2021.

The good news?  None of the schools in Sembawang are projected to require balloting in Phase 2A!

The closest one to phase 2A balloting would be Wellington Primary.  In the last 2 years, it was up to 63% full in Phase 2A.

The rest of the schools in Sembawang has subscription rates from 6% (Sembawang Primary in 2017) to 41% (Canberra Primary in 2017).  So parents vying for the schools in Phase 2A can relax, as it is very unlikely any of them will require balloting.

Just a quick observation.  It seems that Canberra Primary is steadily losing applicants since 2017.  It went from 41% in 2017 to 19% in 2021.  This is a rare trend, and I hope it is just an aberration. 

Seng Kang Phase 2A Projections