Humanities and English Tuition Information Sessions for Parents & Students

The first thing that comes to mind when people mention about Humanities tuition – Why does anyone need tuition in Humanities? Is it effective? Is it necessary? Humanities is a pre-requisite subject for L1R5, therefore a poor ‘O’ Level grade for Humanities can effectively jeopardize students’ JC or Polytechnic application. Over the years, we have turned countless students’ Humanities grades around drastically so that they are able to admit into the JC or Polytechnic course of their choice. Here are some reasons why Wordsmiths Learning Centre should be your top choice for Humanities and English.


1. High quality tutors

The tutors here are also the co-owners of the Centre and have accumulated more than 15 years of teaching Humanities and English. They continue to teach selectively in secondary schools, which means their knowledge of the syllabus is always up-to-date. Continuous training & learning is taken seriously here, so you can be assured that our tutors are committed to deliver high-quality lessons at all times.

The Founder & Principal Tutors teach the classes themselves, ensuring that every student receives the best possible learning experience. Mr. Lam, who is a Principal Tutor at Wordsmiths Learning Centre utilizes engaging and concise teaching techniques for Social Studies and History, which guarantees at least a two-grade improvement within a short period of time!

As a tutor, I am empowered to decide what to teach, how to teach to bring out the best in my students and meet the class’ needs. The joy and satisfaction knowing my students have done well using the techniques I’ve passed on to them is my reward. I have had students from unknown neighbourhood schools who desperately needed to score an A in order to get into their dream JC, for example a student from Damai Secondary School to Hwa Chong, Queenstown Secondary School to Raffles Institution.”

“All my worksheets and Source-Based Questions case studies are designed exclusively for my students and I never blindly recycle previous years’ worksheets. For Social Studies, this is important because of the subject’s highly dynamic nature.”

 2. In-class learning & practice

At Wordsmiths Learning Centre, we do not cherry-pick our students because we believe that every student deserves a chance to learn from the best. All our worksheets are specially designed by our Founders & Principal Tutors, each equipped with an answer template for the different types of questions and skills. This template is especially useful for newer students who are still grasping the answering methodology.

During class practice, tutors analyse the sources together with the class and invoke insightful class discussion to enhance group learning. After sufficient discussion of the questions and sources, students proceed to write their answers under in class, simulating exam conditions. Tutors are on hand to guide or address additional questions that students may have in class. Students who struggle to complete their classwork are welcome to complete them at the Centre. This means, no student leave with unanswered questions or doubts about the topics taught.

Each student’s answers are marked thoroughly and insightful comments or tips by the tutors. A copy of the answers is provided for each student and before the start of each class, the tutors spend 10- 15 minutes going through the previous weeks’ answers. At times, our tutors schedule one-to-one consultations with students who need additional guidance.


3. At least 80% of our students scored an ‘A’ in Humanities in the O Levels!

We are extremely proud of all our students who have embraced our learning and answering techniques effectively. The tutors at Wordsmiths Learning Centre and their unwavering commitment is just half the story, our students have worked just as hard to achieve these grades.

We also offer one-to-one sessions which are specially designed to accelerate learning or address specific learning needs. These sessions are highly intensive and have proven to be very effective for last minute students.



When is the best time to get help in Humanities subjects?

For Secondary 4 students who did not score well in their SA2 last year, this is a crucial time to assess your learning methodology and seek professional help. There are many reasons why you are not scoring well enough to earn an ‘A’. 

For students new to the secondary level Humanities syllabus especially students starting Secondary 3 this year, getting the right foundation and learning the right skills from the start will save you a lot of frustration.


We have lined up information sessions for parents,intensive workshops & mock examinations for various subjects / topics in the months ahead:


Due to the popularity of our intensive workshops, we are offering these targeted learning sessions in March, April and May – which means all the way till SA1.


For those who wish to know if their learning is on track, schedule a Mock SA1 paper with Wordsmiths Learning Centre. Students will complete an exam paper of their chosen subject in an exam environment. Papers will be marked according to the required O level marking system and followed up with a student consultation thereafter.


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