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The Great Panda Chase (great tools for online learning)

It all started when daddy feels that the iphone screen is too small, and is bad for the eyes.  Me, of course, objected as DS is already glued to the screen and I think he is ADHD. Adding more gadgets will just give more excuses for the little one to spend more time on electronic devices.  But daddy went ahead and bought a laptop and tablet.

Since there is no way out, I went on a hunt for educational apps on the Samsung tablet.  If you are using android, just go to google play and search for baby bus.  You will be presently surprised with more than 40 interactive games, designed to entertain and brain train your baby and kids.  If you must give your tot an electronic device then I highly recommend you download the the relevant modules from this whole suite, it is designed specially for children.  Temple Run, too gross.  A-Z, phonics, body parts, music… etc you name it, they have it.  It’s free, but as usual, with a small advert, you may remove it at a small fee.

Let me give you just two examples. There are many more fantastically designed games (based on my observations) in baby bus.

My Baby's Graffiti (KIDS)My Baby’s Graffiti.

My husband was raging at my DS whenever he plays this one because all that my hubby sees is DS drawing useless lines that translate into roads for vehicles. Completely useless, in his words. But wait, if you are into brain training, let me share with you this is a perfect game for the eyeball gym.  The casual lines translate into roads and as the vehicle moves along the road, the eyeball follows.

Hidden Numbers (kids)Hidden Numbers (kids).

Find Hidden Numbers is an enlightening educational game to improve the kids observation skill. This one is no easy, even for adult, this one polishes the focus and concentration skills.

If you want to introduce chinese to your child, this is one that you must not miss, the panda wonderland(translated).  A great application for kids to learn chinese online. It is specially designed for children in China, age 2-10 years old.  It helped my DS learned Chinese, hanyupinyin, maths and corrected his funny accent in one month.  There are also flash cards, story telling, poem and origami.  But note that this is best viewed on computer, although it may run on android (with flash).

To learn more about how panda wonderland helped my DS, please see also forum thread. Don’t just brush this off as “ah…just one of the apps”, this one works like magic, or rather like “magnet”. Children gets attracted to it, and learning is child-initiated through just playing the games. Go check it out yourself.

If you still want more panda, visit the river safari, I heard it is now fully operational at the Singapore Zoo.

If you are with me me on the great panda chase, don’t forget to leave a note in the comment.

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