Singapore Primary Schools Ranked By Academic Excellence


(Updated 17 Dec 2009) Academic excellence is one of the more important indicators used by parents to measure the quality of schools.  The Academic Excellence Ranking for Primary Schools is based on schools with at least 1 student having a T-score of 275 or more points in PSLE from 2000 onwards.  By noting the number of consecutive appearances for each school, we can get a feel for the consistency of the quality of the best students passing out from that school.

In general, top students do come from top schools.  If a school has multiple consecutive appearances, it will imply that it has gotten a good process for churning out top students.  The year is also an important indicator – if the school has not been getting top students in the recent years, it could mean that it is in a transition phase.

Do note that there are many schools with students scoring as high as 274 that are not in this list.  The 275 level is used by MOE as the cut-off point for an honorary mention of a school with well performing students for a particular year.  Unfortunately, MOE does not release the exact number of such students being produced by each school, so we cannot use that information in our measurement.


The schools score 1 point for every year it graduates any student who scored above 275 for PSLE.  The school also gets an additional 0.1 points for every student that it sends to the list of top 10 national graduates of PSLE.  Schools are further ranked according to the recency of its good performance in PSLE.  The Index is a weighted total of the annual scores, and more recent results are given higher weightage.

We do NOT profess our method to be either definitive or accurate in assessing the relative academic strengths of Primary schools in Singapore.  The best measure should be the total number of passes, weighted with the total number of quality passes across all schools.  In the absence of such data, however, we feel what we have is the best anyone can publicly offer at the moment.

Note that any school with a Index of less than 1 could well be an anomaly, especially if the score was attained several years ago.  On the other hand, schools that consistently managed to churn out students scoring >275 in the last 3 years consecutively probably have a good functioning teaching programme in place.

Not all schools are ranked in this table.  Any school that is not in the list are those that have not produced a student scoring >275 in the last 10 years.

Legend (Top National Student)     Male   Female
School Index 10 09 08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01
Nanyang Primary 7.2 1.2 1.1 1.4 1.4 1 1.2 1.1 1.2 1.1 1.1
Raffles Girls’ Primary 7 1.1 1.4 1 1 1.2 1.1 1.4 1 1.4 1.3
Rosyth 6.582 1.3 1.1 1.1 1 1.1 1.1 1 1.1 1.1 1.1
Nan Hua Primary 6.536 1 1.2 1.1 1.1 1 1 1.1 1.2 1.3 1
Tao Nan 6.455 1.1 1 1.1 1.3 1 1 1 1.1 1 1.1
St Hilda’s Primary 6.091 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 1 1.1 1.2    
Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary 5.855 1.2 1 1 1 1.1 1 1   1.1 1.1
Henry Park Primary 5.455 1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1     1.1
Rulang Primary 5.345 1 1.1 1 1 1.1 1 1      
Catholic High 4.918   1 1.1 1 1.2 1 1   1.1 1.2
Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) 4.645 1.1 1.1 1 1   1 1      
Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) 4.527   1 1 1.1 1   1 1 1 1
Ai Tong 4.382   1 1.1 1 1.1   1 1 1.2  
Bukit Panjang Primary 4.1   1 1 1 1.1 1   1.1    
Red Swastika 4.073 1.1 1   1 1.1   1     1
Maha Bodhi 3.991 1   1.1 1   1.1 1     1.1
Pei Chun Public 3.555 1.1   1 1 1         1
Nan Chiau Primary 3.527 1 1 1 1.1            
Chongfu Primary 3.482     1 1 1 1 1   1.1  
Kong Hwa 3.055   1 1 1.2     1      
Greenridge Primary 2.818   1.1   1 1   1      
Maris Stella High 2.818     1 1 1   1     1
Yangzheng Primary 2.727   1 1     1 1      
Northland Primary 2.7     1 1 1.1   1      
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ 2.636   1 1         1 1 1
South View Primary 2.636   1.2 1 1            
Chua Chu Kang Primary 2.545 1   1 1            
Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) 2.536   1 1.1 1            
Haig Girls’ 2.455   1 1 1            
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ 2.455   1 1 1            
White Sands Primary 2.427   1 1   1.1          
Si Ling Primary 2.364 1     1 1          
River Valley Primary 2.336   1   1 1.1          
Yu Neng Primary 2.3     1 1     1   1.1  
Unity Primary 2.236   1   1   1.1        
Pasir Ris Primary 2.182   1.1   1     1      
Qifa Primary 2.182   1.1   1     1      
Poi Ching 2.082     1.1 1     1      
CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh) 2     1 1     1      
Compassvale Primary 2     1 1     1      
Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary 2     1       1 1 1  
Keming Primary 1.918 1.1   1              
St Joseph’s Institution Junior 1.918 1.1   1              
St Anthony’s Primary 1.845     1 1         1.1  
Casuarina Primary 1.818 1   1              
Gongshang Primary 1.818   1.2   1            
CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace 1.727 1     1            
Hougang Primary 1.727   1 1              
Marymount Convent 1.727   1 1              
Woodlands Ring Primary 1.727   1 1              
Radin Mas Primary 1.645     1 1            
CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity 1.636   1   1            
Concord Primary 1.636   1   1            
Shuqun Primary 1.636   1   1            
Yew Tee Primary 1.627     1.1 1            
West Grove Primary 1.618     1 1.1            
East Spring Primary 1.545     1 1            
Fairfield Methodist Primary 1.545     1 1            
Meridien Primary 1.545   1     1          
Ngee Ann Primary 1.545     1 1            
Woodgrove Primary 1.545     1 1            
Hong Wen 1.455     1   1          
Princess Elizabeth Primary 1.364     1     1        
Sembawang Primary 1.364       1 1          
Yishun Primary 1.364   1         1      
Jurong Primary 1.291       1     1      
Admiralty Primary 1.273       1   1        
De La Salle 1.273       1   1        
Xingnan Primary 1.273       1   1        
Geylang Methodist School 1.255       1.1     1      
Peiying Primary 1.227       1     1.1      
Bedok Green Primary 1.182       1     1      
Evergreen Primary 1.182       1     1      
New Town Primary 1.182       1     1      
CHIJ (Katong) Primary 1.1 1.1                  
Coral Primary 1.1 1.1                  
St Andrew’s Junior 1.027       1         1.1  
St Stephen’s 1.018     1             1.1
CHIJ (Kellock) 1       1         1  
Boon Lay Garden Primary 0.909   1                
CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel 0.909   1                
Fengshan Primary 0.909   1                
Gan Eng Seng Primary 0.909   1                
Qihua Primary 0.909   1                
Yio Chu Kang Primary 0.909   1                
Elias Park Primary 0.9     1.1              
Edgefield Primary 0.818     1              
Fuchun Primary 0.818     1              
Greenwood Primary 0.818     1              
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary 0.818     1              
Rivervale Primary 0.818     1              
Temasek Primary 0.818     1              
Townsville Primary 0.818     1              
Yumin Primary 0.818     1              
Canossa Convent Primary 0.8       1.1            
Bukit View Primary 0.727       1            
Clementi Primary 0.727       1            
Corporation Primary 0.727       1            
Holy Innocents’ Primary 0.727       1            
Juying Primary 0.727       1            
Lianhua Primary 0.727       1            
Queenstown Primary 0.727       1            
Tampines North Primary 0.727       1            
Tanjong Katong Primary 0.727       1            
Woodlands Primary 0.727       1            
Xinghua Primary 0.727       1            
Xinmin Primary 0.727       1            
Zhenghua Primary 0.727       1            
Tampines Primary 0.7         1.1          
Anderson Primary 0.636         1          
Jing Shan Primary 0.636         1          
Telok Kurau Primary 0.636         1          
Chongzheng Primary 0.545           1        
St Anthony’s Canossian Primary 0.545           1        
West View Primary 0.545           1        
Seng Kang Primary 0.5             1.1      
Ang Mo Kio Primary 0.455             1      
Dazhong Primary 0.455             1      
Farrer Park Primary 0.455             1      
Jurong West Primary 0.455             1      
Mayflower Primary 0.455             1      
Montfort Junior 0.455             1      
Opera Estate Primary 0.455             1      
Teck Whye Primary 0.455             1      
Yuhua Primary 0.455             1      
Guangyang Primary 0.4               1.1    
Jiemin Primary 0.2                   1.1

No Updates Because...

Since 2010, MOE has stopped the practice of publishing the top 10 highest T-scores which this analysis is based on.  There is no longer any officially published data that allows anyone to compare schools’ performances vis-a-viz each other.  So anyone that is able to come up with a list of “Top Schools Based on Academic Performance” after 2010 is just guessing, because only MOE and the schools know what their ranking is, and they are not telling…

The closest proxy you can use now is the ranking based on schools’ popularity amongst parents.

this is from 2009?

Any updates?

Choosing between Catholic schools


Hello everyone,

We need help in deciding between CHIJ (Katong) & St Anthony Canossian for my daughter’s P1 registration this year. Does anyone know which is a better school in terms of ranking & overall performance? 

Thanks in advance 




Good resources, Thanks

Good resources, Thanks

Good resources!

Good resources!

I can find the school in the

I can find the school in the list…?????

Can lower the T score to 270 & separate mainstream from GEP?

I think you should consider lower the T score to 270 so that more neighbourhood schools can be listed. Many of us are living near the neighborhood schools and not former students of those well known schools. By lowering the T score to 270 will able parents to differential the better neighbourhood schools from the average ones. I think the data should separate mainstream from GEP. The GEP classes help to push up the overall results of the well known schools.

Ranking of Primary Schools

Overall, I have found this website fairly useful.  I’m grateful to all the parents who have contributed over the years.  But the criteria used to rank these schools is a bit dodgy if you ask me.  It’s about as scientific as a phase 2B ballot.  Pure chance.

Why didnt up date the year.  

Why didnt up date the year.


Any average score data?

if there is data on average score, it will be more representative of the school’s overall results. Because 9 of the top 20 schools have Gifted Education Programme, and most of the over 275 scorers are from that programme. Cannot tell how the school help weaker students.

Source of Data/Results for 2011

Just wondering where is the source of data? Is it from MOE site’s press release (those PDF files)? If so seems like the press release for 2011’s results is missing a few tables?

Henry Park 2010

To my understanding, Henry Park last year nobody score higher than 275. But it recorded that someone score higher than 275… It makes me confuse????

 Any 2011 updates?

 Any 2011 updates?

Singapore Primary Schools Ranked By Academic Excellence

Consider 2011 PSLE result, the top 10 position will be changed.RGPS will be the top school, follow by NYPS, the third one could be SHPS? Need update from original owner

Chong Zheng or St. Stephen's

It’s really depends what are you looking for? I cannot comment about Chong Zhengzhou but my sons are in St. Stephen’s School. St Stephen’s is a boys school. They are affiliated to St Patrick and SJI as an advantage or option for Secondary School. Over the years, this school had raised his standard, especially their Chinese. As boys are more hyper and playful, you would see their disciplinary are more strict Vs mixed school. Overall, I find the school environment is great, teachers are OK but it will be helpful if you have good relationship with teachers will be easier for you to monitor or Understand your child progress in school. In 2 years, the school will have new facilities in school like gym, etc. Importantly, your child must be happy in school, a place they like to study, make nice friends and comfortable. They will be spending at least half of their time in school or even doing School related works. So they must like the school, then they will like doing and learning In school. Good luck

ChongZheng or St.Stephens School

Hi, My son is k1..Which school can i prefer to choose ChongZheng or St.Stephens ,which is gud…pls let me know if u have any idea about thoses schools….

Zhangde Pri Sch

Zhangde is not in the list abv, is this school so badly done academically in the last 10 years?

It only shows how difficult...

… it can be to score 275 and above.  Not an easy feat at all. 

St Margaret's

St Margaret’s is not in the list above. Amazing that they have not got a single student scoring more than 275 in the last ten years. How??


Beacon Primary School

This comment has been moved here.

Cedar primary

Hi, can anyone tell me how is cedar primary school standard?

Hi Jasmine,Do let me know

Hi Jasmine,

Do let me know where you are putting up. You can email me at [email protected]



hi jasmineyak

you may want to post your request in the forums here and to check it for ads by tutors / tuition agencies. there are a number of ex-MOE teachers that advertise their service here.

good luck !

Can anyone help?

I am a parent of P6 and is currently looking for a gd tution teacher in Science. Any gd recommendation? Am very worried. 

RE: Northspring Pri

hi Nita

This listing only included schools with at least 1 student having a T-score of 275 or more points in PSLE from 2000 onwards.

there is a dedicated thread discussing on schools in Seng Kang in the forum here, perhaps you could find the information you seek there.

Northspring Pri

i just shifted to senkang and lookin arnd for a sch for my son, Any comments abt Northspring. Northspring is not in the listing?  Any suggestions on other schs. thks

RE: P1 Registration

hi Mandy1408

By right, no one should have 2 addresses.

P1 registration

Hi, can anybody advise me if I am unsuccesfull during 2C phase for a school (which is within 1 km), can I use another address for registration with another school (in a different zone)?

Why Innova School is not

Why Innova School is not listed in the PSLE analysis??

Mee Toh School

Thank you for the information.

So, is Mee Toh School considered a good school?  Is there any good student care in near Rivervale Crescent?

Thank you


Mee Toh

Dear Jazzdragon,

We only list schools which feature at least 1 student that scored above 275 in the annual PSLE examinations.  Mee Toh has not done so in at least the last 10 consecutive years.

Errors amended

Dear Jeff1973,

Thank you for informing us on this discrepancy!  We have audited the results for 2008 and found that 2 schools: Woodgrove Primary and White Sands Primary were inadvertently left out of our computations.  We have made the amendments accordingly and updated the table above.

Mee Toh School is not in analysis??

Why Mee Toh School is not listed in the PSLE analysis??

Woodgrove primary 2008 PSLE score not updated

Dear admin,

I appreciate your help in tabulating out the scores table above. While going tru the table above I found Woodgrove primary 2008 PSLE were not accurate. The top 2 PSLE scores for year 2008  were 280 & 277 but was not reflected in your table above. Would you take a look see if it is possible to update the table as per your convenience ? Thanks for your consideration.

It would appear that Pei

It would appear that Pei Hwa is the top for non GEP schools. Congrats and well done.

why isn't canberra in the

why isn’t canberra in the list?


Balloting system

Actually how does the balloting system works? Does a school allocate a number of places for Phase 2B and Phase 2C? And if the number of applicants say for phase 2B has exceeded the places allocated, then there will be balloting even though I’m a parent volunteer? Hope somebody can help me understand better. Thanks in advance!

Waiting list

I did not get in the school that i want…. no luck. i intend to put my kid under waiting list, could anyone advise which good school gain better chance… Nan Chiau, Yangzheng, Northland, Chongfu or Kuo Chuan……

Re: St Gabriel


St Gabriel is not in the list, along with many other schools, because we have no record of any student scoring 275 and higher from these schools.

Do remember that this list only tracks top scorers – it gives no indication of how many students actually got quality passes from each school, ie. if a school has 1 student scoring 290 while the rest of the students scored 220, the school will still make it to this list.  That is the reason why the consistency of the school appearing in this list across the years is a very important consideration.

St Gabriel


Kodos for doing up the list , it is really informative!! But I noticed that St Gabriel is not in the list, why is that so?

Kranji primary

Hi. Noticed that kranji primary school is not under the rating. ??

Is index correct?

Is the index calculated correctly? Eg. Chong fu and MBS has more showing than ACS and KHS but the positioning is lower? This looks like a formula error?

RE: Cedar Girls Not in List

 hi Rubysng
The listings include all schools that had at least 1 student scoring 275 & above in PSLE from 2000-2009.
Perhaps Cedar Primary has no student scoring 275 & above within this period.

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Why is Cedar Primary not even on this list?

Hi, I noticed that Cedar Primary School is not even on this list… If it’s not performing, it should at least appear at the bottom.. Have u guys left it out on purpose or accidentally? Thanks!

St Margaret's PS

This year St Margaret take up rate is not very high.  Anyone got comment on the school?  I didnt even see them in the primarily school academic ranking.

 hi agneslsk   yes, if

 hi agneslsk
yes, if balloting occur for a particular distance, all applicants of that distance would need to ballot, regardless whether they are PV, clan&church members, etc etc. Those staying further than the balloting distance would be unsuccessful.
Phase 2B are also for eligible GrassRoot leaders which the school has no control over the number.

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

I don't quite understand

I don’t quite understand why Phase 2B needs balloting. I see that for Kong Hwa, in 2009, there was balloting needed for >2km, because APP=115%. Does that mean that even if a member is recommended by SHHK, but he lives >2km, then there is no guarantee that he gets a place?

But then again, I thought for Phase 2B, the school will allocate a specific number of vacancies to SHHK, (e.g. 50 places) and SHHK will nominate (50) priority/ preferred members (who have already expressed in that school). If so, # of Phase 2B applicants should equal # of Phase 2B places. Why is balloting required?

2011 P1 Regn


I intend to register my daughter under P2C and I’m living >2km from the school – Ngee Ann Pri.Hope someone that has the experience to comment.Thanks

Ranking a school by

Ranking a school by individual pupils scoring above 275 is very elitist … for such pupils … the school need not do much … the home support they get is sufficient to bring them to where they are. I think what you are missing out on are the list of schools that really value add to pupil learning … and that means looking at what the school can do for the majority of our children … !!


Miraculously…. marvellous… outstanding form of tabulating information… such good soul!!


Primary School

Hi anyone know if Anderson Primary School is one of the good school in Ang Mo Kio?

Top 20 Primary School in Singapore

This site ranks the Top 20 Primary Schools in Singapore based on the awards that was awarded to the schools by MOE.

There are some differences with the ranking here. Do check it out if you are interested.

Top 20 Primary Schools in Singapore

The sites also provides ranking based on the areas in Singapore too.


Dear Fundad, I agree that the ranking is not complete by itself, and that this is only 1 indicator of Primary schools’ academic performance.  As we have said, the ranking is only of students who scored above 275 in PSLE for the last 10 years.  This is not by choice, because it is the only data that MOE publicly releases.  A more complete rating would be to take into account the overall passes and quality passes for each school in each subject.  However, this data is only available from some schools, and only for a limited number of years.  In the absence of this data, we have no other means of ranking schools based on their academic achievements.

Actually, you can somewhat see the trend.  If we only consider schools that have churned out students scoring more than 275 in PSLE more than 3 times in the past 8 years, it does correspond with schools that are generally thought to be high achieving.  And if you look at the spread for each school, those that had students scoring above 275 in the early 2000s but never managed to repeat the feat again are probably fluke shots.  On the other hand, if a school has managed to send students to the honor list consecutively for the past 5 years, it must really be doing something right, and so are ranked higher.

So, take this ranking with a pinch of salt.  We do not profess it to be definite nor "accurate", nor "official".

I don't think this ranking

I don’t think this ranking is informative. Seems like there are many similar scores, eg. 1.1 or 1.0. Can’t tell the difference. Why not rank out of points, say max 200 points? For eg. 10 points if the school has 5 star facilities. Or 50 points if the school has 100% passes in PSLE. My 2 cents lah.

How to allocate?

How does MOE or the sec sch allocate their fixed no. of S1 places?

One child affiliate 200 points and another 257 from external.  Both put SCGS first choice.  Under MOE’s booklet, the child with 257 would get in first.  Assuming only left one place. So we won’t know finally who gets in.


You can try the MOE

You can try the MOE website. Under the secondary school information, they put in past year’s cut off. I understand that they will bend their backs over to take in their own girls, something about preserving the heritage etc. (in 2007, SC Pri cutoff is 200; external intake cutoff is 257)

But I think it will depend on the current intake. Good luck to her. (I had tonnes of fun growing up in SCGS Secondary)

    Non-Affiliation Affiliation
    Lower Upper Mean Median Lower Upper Mean Median
Express    257  268  260  260  200  271  236  237

Score required for affiliated school

My niece got 207 🙁 but she is in SCGS, anyone knows if she is able to get in the SCGSS?

Reason for her low score: she didnt attend any local class last year as she is attending International School in Shanghai.

Curious to find what is the

Curious to find what is the highest score for St Hilda’s this time round? Anyone knows?


hi caroline3sg ,

haha…….. U’re misunderstand , One of my friends’ son got top scorer , not me . MY boy next  yr  P5 !

hi  AgnesMM ,

Not  yet !

wow. that is fast :) Are

wow. that is fast 🙂 Are all these posted publicly already?

Congrats to aggellim

So your son is top scorer in Nan Hua.  Good for you.  Going to which sec sch?

hi ,  Just to share

hi ,  Just to share another info.                                                                                                                                                    

1 ) Heard that Spore top scorer is 287=NANYANG  Pri                                                                   

2) NAN HUA PRI top scorer is 283

3 ) Rosyth highest is 282 – girl (Nicole Tan)

4) Poi Ching highest score is 282.

5) PLMGS  top scorer is 278

Well done to all the children ..I think they did well. Congrats to all 


hi ,

My GF son got 283  ,He did well for himself .Feel so happy for her!  NAN HUA PRI  highest is 283


hi all parents :

Just found this information to share  , ( fr CLEMENTI PRI – CONTACT POINT July 2008 lssue )

less than 20 students make it through the FIRST ROUND of Screening , BUT only 2 student were being selected to GEP Programme . BOTH of their  studying in NAN HUA PRI now.

5  former pupils who graduated fr Clementi Pri –  PSLE  Aggregate Score Achieved’                

1)  275 – Hwa chong    2)  271 – RI    3)  262 –  SCGS   4) 257 – ACS   5)  240   – CTSS         PSLE 2007 got  280 student  took the  PSLE  exam .

What i’ve knew fr NAN HUA Pri Principal

MORE than 60 above student make it though the FIRST ROUND of Screening ,  14 student were being selected to GEP Programme .

1) PSLE 2007 got 330 pupils took the exam . we got 44 % pupils got  250 point above . Total up = 145 student above  (  50 pupils were GEP student  ) .

NO one can claim they hv learnt everything . Every new day is a new learning exp , Learning is a very enriching and fulfilling journey and it goes beyond the school and exams. It is learning about life and learing for life . cheer s……….

school ranking and scores

Otto, referring to ur example of ‘For example the top PSLE student in 2006 was in Guangyang Pr from P1-P3 before going to Rosyth for the GEP from P4-P6.’.

u mean to say that the PSLE results released may not be all that accurate due to the fact that some students from neighbourhood schools (A) do produce good results? just that they get transferred out of the school to a GEP school (B) before PSLE?

so once they r out of A, A’s scores automatically drop and B’s scores go up coz of the bunch of students that get transferred in?

can i say that GEP schools should have good scores by default coz of the GEP students?that makes them ‘ranked’ top XX in Singapore?even for those poorer students academic wise, they should not be too far off from the average group in GEP schools?

By the way, do these GEP schools have ‘EM3’? or all primary schools have that?sori, am not too sure on that…

School ranking

An even better methodology is to calculate the average T-score of graduating students (ie. add up all the T-scores and divide by number of students who took the exam).  But MOE doesn’t release that data, nor does MOE want to officially rank the schools.  So we can only make do with whatever data we can find to try to piece together the puzzle.

  what l've know


what l’ve know from  principal Nan hua information, when last yrs P1 Orientation day ,she said result about PSLE 2007  44 %  students in Nan Hua get 250 point above,  in Nan Hua P4  – P6 each level got 9 class  . WE hv Only  2  GEP  class  with  25 Student  Each  Class max  ) . for other  9 GEP  singapore Primary School  as same. so mean total up  50GEP student   in Nan Hua .another 7 class PLus togerther  7times  40student  = 280 normal streaming ( non -GEP student ) 50+280 (non GEP Student ) Become 330 students . 44% Students  to get 250point .= 130 Student  Above  . she said  some  school even   LESS that  5% student  able get  250 point   in PSLE .  NYPS ( 45% – 47% PSLE  2007 ) almost   as same as Nan Hua  Pri .



Singapore Primary Schools Ranked By Academic Excellence

Re: In general, top students do come from top schools. 

This is becuase of the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) where the top 1% of pupils are given the opportunity to study at 1 of the 9 schools that offers the programme from P4 onwards.

The nine schools are RGPS, Nanyang, Nan Hua, Tao Nan, Catholic, Rosyth, St Hilda’s, Henry Park and ACS Pr.

If the nine schools take in the top 1% of the cohort every year, in all probability the top pupils will come from one of these nine schools every year.

Hence, the methodology is not accurate in measuring the consistency of the quality of students passing out from that school as their top students may have studied in other schools before being admitted into the GEP being offered only in 9 schools.

For example the top PSLE student in 2006 was in Guangyang Pr from P1-P3 before going to Rosyth for the GEP from P4-P6.

A better yardstick would be to measure schools with the number of pupils who are not from the GEP and scores 275 and above for PSLE.